The main focus of our work is individual income tax return filings for HMRC under the Self Assessment system where we will complete the relevant filing on your behalf and file with HMRC directly.  For those with US issues we can complete the Federal and any applicable State tax returns claiming the necessary foreign exemptions and tax credits to help minimise/eliminate the effects of double taxation whilst you are resident in the UK.

In summary our services typically cover

UK Tax Return Services

  • Preparation of individual income tax return.
  • Liaison with HMRC regarding any queries in relation to tax returns filed if required
  • Preparation of rental statements
  • Claims for relief due to overseas workdays
  • Claims for relief due to temporary living expenses
  • Completion of Residency pages with your tax return as dependent on your circumstances
  • Claims for non residence
  • Certain treaty relief claims as applicable for short term assignees to the UK

US Tax Return Services
  • Preparation of individual Federal income tax return
  • Preparation of individual State tax returns on resident or non resident basis
  • Non resident US returns to report US arising income such as US rental
  • Preparation of specialist form 5471 - Foreign Corporation Reporting
  • Preparation of specialist form 8938 - Foreign Accounts and Assets
  • Preparation of specialist form 8621 - Passive Foreign Investment Company reporting
  • Other specialist forms such as 8858 (Disregarded Entities), 8854 (Expatriation) and 8865 (Foreign Partnerships)
  • Assistance with foreign bank reporting FinCEN 114 filings
  • Assistance with expatriation tax issues for those seeking to give up US citizenship or long term permanent residence.
The above is not exhaustive - other issues relating to individual income taxation in the UK and US can also be covered.  If in doubt please contact us.