KRJ Tax Services - Established 2003

We are a small practice established in 2003 which aims to provide an income tax return preparation service for both UK Self Assessment and US tax return filers (Federal and State).  Our services cover work for individuals rather than corporate or trust filings.  If you require assistance with the preparation of a personal income tax return for UK or US purposes then we should be able to help.

We deal with a number of varied types of clients from regular UK domiciled individuals who are employed and are required to file taxes in the UK through to non UK residents, overseas nationals visiting the UK and a large part of the client base is US citizens resident in the UK.  US citizens resident in the UK have a continued requirement to file US taxes (based on their US citizenship) and often while in the UK will be required to file UK taxes also.  Other items commonly covered would be rental returns for both UK and US purposes whether you are resident in the UK or otherwise.

We are familiar with issues surrounding domicile, non domicile, residence and non residence in the UK and can assist with these aspects of your return filings.  Where preparing UK and US income tax returns we can optimise and co-ordinate both filings to be consistent, compliant and tax efficient with each other.

Being a small practice we are able to offer an individual service and you will generally deal with the same person throughout you time as a client which enables them to become familiar with your specific circumstances.